Thursday, January 21, 2010

The scary Government "Take-Over" by "They"! What?!!

Can anyone tell me what this “government” health care plan that we are all going to be forced into…is? Who put that one together? True, one version of the plan does require everyone to have health insurance. It also provides subsidies to help those who can’t afford it on their own. And maybe it would help those folks get to doctors offices for care and prevention instead of having to depend on expensive emergency room care, that tax payers end up paying for, when it may be too late. Hmmm…might that not help bring down some costs? Maybe that’s why you’re required to have automobile insurance. So everyone isn’t paying for the accidents of those who don’t have it. Curious.
And doesn’t competition help control costs? Economics 101. That is, sorry, that was the plan for introducing a public option. Right…public option not “government” takeover. Give the insurance companies some healthy competition for the business. The fear mongering and lies about the public option were outrageous. However, when profits that incredible and campaign contributions that large are at stake, greedy people do outrageous things.
And let’s just quickly mention that there were hundreds of “Keep your hands off my healthcare” signs being held up by seniors at all those rallies. Seniors whose healthcare was probably Medicare…a government run healthcare system. Seniors who had been scared out of their wits by Dick Armey and his insurance company lobbying firm and the current leaders of the Republican Party Limbaugh and Beck. Grassroots protests?!!! Follow the money kids. Check out who’s sponsoring those “Grassroots” websites.
Can anyone tell me who this “government” is that wants to take over all our healthcare? Who are they? The senate and house? The President? Those 5 scary guys who really rule the world? Isn’t that why our founding fathers in their wisdom divided government into 3 sections? Executive, Legislative and Judicial so that one group couldn’t “take over”?
And what’s in it for this “government “ in a “government take over”? Why in the world would “They” want to take over? For the Power? The power to do what? And don’t just say “Run our lives”. C’mon…how is one group ever going to “Run the lives” of 280 million people? When would “they” have time for lunch? And how do “they” split that power up to make it fair to everyone that’s in this “government”? Shouldn’t everyone in this “government get to “run” some lives? For the Money? Same questions. And what happens when someone new gets voted in? Do they get their very own copy of the “You are now part of the Take Over and here’s how you get your power and money” handbook?
Please don’t let yourselves be told what to believe. Find out the facts for yourselves and like I said…follow the money.


  1. Oh Mark I am impressed. We do think an awful lot alike!
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