Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Father's Hands

I just realized that I have my Father’s hands. I doubt though, if I’ll ever have his touch. I guess maybe Dan Fogelberg’s “Thundering Velvet Hand” described it best. Strong hands that would “Thunder” when necessary. Loving hands that would comfort when needed. Knowing hands that would guide with wisdom that could only be learned from a life lived so well. I miss those hands. I miss that touch. When I was growing up those hands taught me skills, taught me lessons, patted me on the back and…other places when needed. When I grew into a man and placed my own babies in those hands I knew there was not a safer, warmer or wiser place that they could be. I can only hope I learned enough from my Father’s hands to touch my children’s lives with at least some of the love and strength that touched mine. I just realized I have my Father’s hands.

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