Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Those Curious Questions

Over the years there have been many profound questions asked through song. And every once in a while I find myself lying awake at night wondering…did those questioning souls ever find any answers? Were they really going to Scarborough Faire and if they were, did they remember him to one who lives there? Where was Joe going with that gun in his hand? Is love really all you need? Did that poor child ever find someone to help her make it through the night? Must there only be fifty ways to leave your lover? Was there ever a decision made about who will stop the rain? Did that girl ever get directions to San Jose? Did they have to take the long way home? And when those four guys needed someone…did they ever get any help? Did that lady find a way to live without you? Did anyone ever figure out where the broken hearts do go or who really wrote the book of love? And there’s one I’ve wondered about for years. Who did put the Bop in the Bop She Bop She Bop? Who was that man?

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