Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Full of Days

In the Old Testament’s Book of Job, it is said of Job that he died…”Old and full of days”. What a way to go. We should all be so blessed as to die…”Old and full of days”. Full of days that mattered. Full of days that made a difference somehow. Not just days that passed, but days that passed well. Days when you laughed all your laughter. Days when you cried all your tears. Days when you tried something new and succeeded…or failed, but you tried. Days when you tried to mend damage done by you or forgive damage done to you. Days when you loved and lost…yet were brave enough to love again. Days when you let yourself dream of better days…for yourself…your loved ones…your world. I know I’ve let too many of those days get away. I’ve left too many just taking up space on long forgotten calendars. I hope I can do more with the days I have left. I hope I can leave this world…”Old and full of days”.

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