Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Chances

Here they come. The chances. The chances every New Year brings. Those moments in time when we are given a choice to make…a chance to take. The chance to do something different or in some cases the chance to just do something. The chance to try…or try again. The chance to learn. The chance to love or to allow ourselves to be loved. The chance to say yes…the chance to say no. The chance to step in a new direction or just take a step…in any direction. The chance to try to mend some of the damage that we’ve done or forgive the damage done to us. The chance to believe in something or the chance to play it safe and take no chances. Every chance we are given comes with a price. We will all have to decide just how much we are willing to pay. So, here they come. The chances. The opportunities we will be given this New Year to take a chance, make a choice…make a difference. What are you going to do with yours? I guess that’s the chance you take.

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