Monday, August 18, 2014


My grandson Brennan invented a very special word all on his own. Brennan invented Yesternight. As in…remember yesternight when we had chocolate ice cream? Or…remember yesternight when we went to the zoo? Yesternight. I remember some yesternights Brennan. I remember the yesternight when you were born. I remember the yesternight when your Momma was born. I remember the yesternight I married your Grandma. Just a few yesternights ago. I’ve lived a lot of years Brennan so I’ve lived a lot of yesternights. Some remember better than others, but I keep them all carefully tucked away on the yesternight shelves of my brain. And sometimes when I need a smile I’ll take a precious one down, dust it off and remember when. So, Brennan…remember yesternight when you invented…yesternight? Thanks my love. Fill your heart with all the wonderful yesternights you can. I hope Grandpa shows up in a few of them.

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