Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adventurous...Ya Think?

So, what do you suppose was on the mind of the first person to think that an oyster just might be a good thing to eat? “Hey...lookee here. Crunchy on the outside...Chewy on the inside.” And what about potatoes and carrots and rutabagas? Who woke up one morning and thought to themselves, “I’m gonna go out and find a nice patch of dirt and then dig around in it until I find something to eat”? And then there’s wine. Did you ever wonder who was the first to think that a glass of really old, leftover warm grape juice might just hit the spot? Which brings me to ...Escargot. Who was the first to think to themselves...”Ya know, I’ve really got the munchies and I’ll bet those snail thingies would make a great snack”? One can only pray they had a nice butter, wine and garlic sauce to go along with that very first bite. All those extraordinary people who crossed those forbidden lines and had the courage to go where no one had ever gone before must have been truly adventurous souls. Or maybe they were just the losers in some ancient game of “Double Dare Ya”.

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