Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Time

This morning it dawned on me again. Mornings being the preferred time to have things dawn on me. Today really is brand new day. A yet to be used, twenty four hour period of time that I own. Oh sure, there are responsibilities and obligations, but it’s my life and it’s my time. I’m the boss. I get to choose. Now, of course, I’m going to choose to spend some of my time on my responsibilities and obligations, but the rest of my time this brand new day...I’m spending on me. And if that sounds selfish, well, maybe it is. But I only have so much time. And I still have hopes and dreams. Things I want to accomplish...goals I need to reach. And if I don’t spend some of my time chasing after my dreams, nobody else is going to get out there and chase them for me. Every minute I let slip by that I’m not learning, wondering, questioning, understanding or trying to reach further and my time...wasted. And I only have so much time. Today really is a brand new day. A day full of my time yet to spend. I hope when my time runs out, someone will be able to say...he spent the time he was given wisely.

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