Sunday, February 5, 2012

What is time?

There was a discussion on the radio this morning about just what this phenomenon we call “Time” really is. Two obviously very intelligent fellows were taking that discourse to places that left my brain in a very boggled state. It reached the point where all I could make out was the occasional reference to Einstein…relativity…space… speed…and the 60 seconds devoted to successful dating on The fear of a head explosion began to ease though, when I thought to myself…Hey…I know what time is. And so do you. It’s what there never is enough of in a day. That’s what it is. It’s what flies when you’re having fun. Some of us take it…some of us give it. It’s what heals all. It’s what a lot of us waste too much of…though it can be well spent. It’s what Jim Croce tried to save in a bottle and had too little of here on this planet. It’s what the young ones wish would go faster and us older ones wish would slow down a little. All I know is that whatever this thing called time is…we’ve all been given some of it. And I think the important thing is…what we do with the time we’ve been given.

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