Sunday, February 3, 2013


Excuse me while I kind of run all over the place for a minute. Not sure what this means, but the very same week I saw the garden store nursery sign that said...”Get your grave blanket now”...I found out I could win a free cremation just by filling out a form for more information. Is someone not telling me something here? Watching the evening news the other night it struck me that every ad was for something to fix something that is starting to fall apart on us baby boomers. If your erectile is dysfunctioning, your dentures don’t fit quite right, your catheter is getting a little irritating, there’s less M in your BM and/or your stair climbing talent is fading, just watch the evening news. Fix you right up! Did you know that drowsiness is a side effect of a very well known sleeping aid? Says so right in the advertisement. With all the talk about not texting while driving, I’m really beginning to see the effects. I see people every day now going down the road texting and not driving at all. My mother told me about a woman in her senior living facility that was having a tough time with this whole daylight savings time thing. Mom was reminding her to put her clock ahead one hour that night. The woman gave a big sigh and told Mom how hard it was for her to stay up until two in the morning to do that. Mom smiled and said, “You can set your clock ahead when you go to bed at your usual time Sweetie.” The woman patted my Mom’s hand knowingly and said, “Oh no Dear, I don’t think it works like that”.

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