Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Email Friends

Now, I know email has been around for quite awhile now, but it still amazes me. Communication with anyone…across the globe…instantly. I think the thing I find most exciting about the email world is the fact that through this magic…you meet the nicest people. You really do. Just yesterday I got an email from this guy, who I don’t even know mind you, that wanted to put a thousand dollars in my checking account within 24 hours. What a guy! And then there was the gentleman the other day who wanted to introduce me to lonely housewives. How incredibly thoughtful! He made it sound like there must be a lot of these ladies out there who need someone to talk to. There’s even a guy in Africa who wants to give me two million dollars…TWO MILLION…just for letting him use my bank account to help him keep his poor deceased uncle’s eleven million dollars away from the evil dictator and out of Africa. Talk about generous! And then there’s the group of doctors…well, I think they’re doctors… who want to increase my manhood by two to four inches. I’m 5’11” as it is though and while I truly appreciate the thought, I think I’m tall enough. Am I meeting the nicest people or what?! And all I have to do is open my email.

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