Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Evil People

Evil, evil people. Nasty, painfully poor excuses for human beings. I’m telling you it’s disgusting. If you’ve been watching the political advertising on television...you know. The only people running for office in this year’s election are evil, evil people. Like the guy wants to spend all of your money. All of it. He wants your children’s and grandchildren’s money too. Imagine that! Despicable. Then there’s the woman who wants to give every illegal alien a million dollars and a Chevy Volt. Even the ones from Pluto! And that’s not even a planet anymore. The American way? No way. And what about that other guy whose plan for America will kill every job in the country and give the Grand Canyon to China. What a cad! And, according to those television ads, there’s one woman who...I get shivers just thinking about it…wants to pass laws that will make sure everyone who is eligible...can vote! Everyone! A stateswoman...I think not. Evil, evil people. Why can’t, just one time, a really nice person run for something…somewhere? Someone who is smart...with a good heart...who would really try to do a good job. OK… I know...call me a dreamer.

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