Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seeds of Hope

I was at the Home & Garden store the other day getting some weed whacker stuff when I saw him. A crooked, little, old man with a walker slowly making his way to the cashier. I could see that he was carefully balancing a small bag of grass seed on the front bar of his walker. It got me to thinking. It got me to thinking about why a man of his age would bother with something like trying to grow new grass? Why would he still be willing to invest his time in something that would take time? Why, at his age, would he still be willing to put the effort in…give it the care it needs and hope it grows? That’s when it dawned on me…as things occasionally do…that this old guy was still betting on a good thing to come. This crooked, little, old man...his walker...and his grass seed...a statement of hope. And with hope, amazing things can happen. Hope can calm a restless heart. Hope can stir a weary soul. Hope can get you through the longest night and be the reason to rise in the morning and give another day...another try. Everyone can use at least a little hope. And I hope there is every reason to believe there is hope for all of us. If there isn't... why would a crooked, little, old man buy a bag of grass seed?

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