Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Wondering

Do you have to be gruntled before you can be disgruntled? Do you have to hearse before you can rehearse? Just wondering. Why does a duck flying low across a late afternoon sky always look like he’s late for something? Where does the time really go? Just wondering. When that big herd of birds in the field rises up as one and swoops left as one and then right as one and then lands again all together as one...who decides on that? Is that a group decision or is one guy bird the boss? Did the very first babysitters actually sit on the babies? Just wondering. Why don’t clouds blow apart? How do squirrels remember where they buried all those nuts? I never see ‘em taking any notes. Why is it that there’s never enough time to do it right, but here’s always enough time to do it over? Just wondering. How did the French get dibs on calling it “French” kissing? And while I’m wondering about it, what do you suppose was going through the mind of the very first person who thought kissing might be kinda cool? Wonder on that one for a bit. Why did God think that mosquitoes were a good idea? And finally for today, before Newton discovered gravity...what was holding everything down? Just wondering.

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