Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I Saw Today 2

Today I saw a young doe lying still by the side of the road. Something I’d just as soon not see. An animal that beautiful and graceful shouldn’t be lying still and broken on the side of the road. Today I saw an old man and woman holding hands as they slowly walked along. A love…like the song says “Younger than springtime”? To me it looked more like a love aged in grace and wisdom. Hands that over the years have learned to fit together well because of all they’ve shared. Souls that will go on forever…together. Now, that’s something that should be. Today I saw a squirrel trying to get up the courage to make the leap from the corner of the roof to a tree branch that hung so temptingly near...or depending on how one was looking at it…far. He eyed it for quite a while before his little squirrel brain convinced his little squirrel ego that it would probably not be the smartest of moves he could make today. Can a squirrel “chicken’ out? Just wondering. Today I saw a cloud that looked like angel wings. And then I saw the angel…as he took chubby little steps all the way across the room to get to Grandpa.

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