Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cute...I don't think so

My wife gave me a new hat this Christmas. It’s…well…an interesting hat. It has a real Norwegian look to it. She thought it would keep help my ears warm while I am out blowing the snow…or herding reindeer in Greenland. Like I said, it’s an interesting hat. So, the other day it snowed and knowing that the reindeer herding responsibilities for that day in Greenland were probably covered, I put it on to go blow some snow around the driveway here. As I passed my wife to head out the door she said “Don’t you look cute”. And it cut like knife. Now I am a Grandpa and while quite often, older people such as Grandpas in reindeer herding hats are referred to as being…cute, this Grandpa is not at all ready to be referred to as being cute. Handsome…rugged…experienced…even older reindeer herder sure…but cute…I don’t think so. In fact, don’t even refer to me as an older person. Make it older guy. Because older guys are younger and never cute. I’d still like to think I could suck my belly in…walk into a room and maybe turn at least one head. I’d still like think maybe someone might refer to me as being hot… or at least very warm. Cute…I don’t think so. Now, while I will wear the reindeer herding hat again because it really did keep my ears warm, I’ll guarantee you this. I will refuse to look cute in it!

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