Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Face of God

There is an exhibit going on at the art institute right now called “The Face of Jesus”. It’s a collection of Rembrandt masterpieces portraying one master’s interpretation of another. The radio spots for the exhibit have different people describing what they think He might have looked like. And the announcer, with the help of some pretty cool music, announces that no one really knows what the face of God looks like. All pretty heady stuff. The face of God. It’s the kind of stuff that has had scholars pondering for centuries. I got to thinking though, all they really had to do… was ask me. I know what God looks like. I see Him and Her almost every day. She looks like the most beautiful 5 year old little girl with no front teeth you’ve ever seen. Even if I do say so myself…and I do. She told Her Grandma once that if kindergarten wasn’t challenging enough, maybe She should just go on to oneth grade. She is very wise indeed. He looks exactly like the 2 ½ year old little boy who runs full speed down the aisles of Home Depot shouting “I running Gwampa…I running”. He’s very fast on His little feet you know. She has the incredibly, soft brown eyes of a 2 year old sweetheart who gives her Grandpa the best hugs ever. Nobody hugs like She hugs. And His face lights up a room with the dancing blue eyes and laugh of a 9 month old who’s always happy to see me. And with no disrespect intended, I must say He’s a chubby little Guy. So yeah…I know what the face of God looks like. He and She…look like love…pure and simple. I have seen the face of God…I’ve even changed His diapers.

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