Wednesday, January 18, 2012 big deal.

Hey…if you’ve got other things to do please feel free to let this one slide on by. It’s no big deal. I just want to get a couple of things that have been bugging me off my chest. Let’s start with something I hear a lot among the younger folk. Let’s start with…verse. When did "versus" become "verse"? It’s the Packers "versus" the Patriots…not the Packers "verse" the Patriots. And here’s another one that I hear all the time. When did “by accident” become “on accident”? It happened “by accident”…it didn’t happen” on accident”. Sorry, but it didn’t! Which brings me to turn signals and the lack of use of said mechanisms to let us other folk know what the heck that non user is going to do. It’s done mostly by people who are much too busy using their phones. Wait though…maybe I’m missing something here. You know, I’ll bet they don’t use their turn signals because with one hand on their phone… they would have to take that other hand off the steering wheel to use the turn signal. And that just wouldn’t be safe…would it? And finally for today, to all you hockey fans who bang on the glass when the play gets close…just what the hell is that all about? I think that’s really all I want to say about that. And I’ll save people who walk beside their grocery cart…and not behind it for another day.

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