Friday, January 20, 2012

It’ll be alright…really.

Listen…it’s going to be alright. Honest it will. It’s not your fault and you’ll get through this. It wasn’t that long ago I went through it myself. Well…OK…maybe it was that long ago, but I got through it and so will you. I promise. This “being young” thing will be over soon enough. Just hang in there. Sure, you feel indestructible now, but it’ll pass. Really…it will. I know what it was like when I thought I could change the world. I also know you’ll get over it just like I did. And right now I know you think you’ll be thin and athletic forever. Trust me the weight will come and the speed will go. You just have to believe. Before you know it the day will dawn when you’ll actually feel vulnerable and you’ll experience your first worry. I promise…it’ll happen. Even though…I know… you feel those days will never come. They will. You’ll feel responsible, you’ll take care…you will get over this “being young” phase. Like I said it’s not your fault. It’s just when you happened to be born. Someday, I promise, you’ll look back through your bifocals and think…I made it through. I really did. And you’ll never have to experience that “being young” thing again. And you know what else? That too…will be alright.

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