Saturday, January 28, 2012

Old Friends

Tonight I think I’ll build a fire and spend a little time with a few of my memories…a few of my old friends. Oh, I won’t linger long. There’s too much future to get to…too many new memories to make. The old ones though are so very special. And every once in awhile they need a little tending to. They need to be taken from the shelf, dusted off and shined up a little. Memories are the landmarks of our lives. They tell us where we’ve been, who we’ve touched, who touched us and how we became what we are. The good ones are treasures...the not so good ones…hopefully teachers. They are images, places, people, smells, sights, sounds, smiles and tears that take us back to special moments in time past. Moments that our hearts have captured and our souls hang on to for us. They are precious indeed. Some short as a wink...some long as a loved one’s lifetime. But they all need to be tightly held and tended to with great care. Because you just never know when life might really need to take a moment…and remember. So, tonight I think I’ll build a fire and spend a little time with a few old friends. Don’t worry…I won’t linger long.

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